Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the Ministry of Dreams

bob hickman the great exposes the Lord Jesus to be a liar and cruel and tortures after he saves just like JOB in the bible: vision received about 7-30-2011-in this vision I saw Jesus appear and he said, "I hate you", but he told me I was perfect like JOB and is really somebody who loves harrasing his servants but robert hickman exposed the Lord who hid this all those year.

Jesus terrorises and mars and maims after he saves: spoken and done by the Holy Ghost to his servant bob hickman, whom the holy Spirit entered into like a body my perfect size: 7-30-2011-its for I the Lord persecute to make my servants loose their salvation by manifold temptations, terrorising and marring, ruining their appearance by causing their facial muscles to tighten when they use them, wrinkling face saith The Lord, causing body to heat up like a furnace, and marring their, bodies but deseasing gums and puttting deseases on, its for I the Lord, only save to ruin, I tease you and caress penus with electricity, offend and insult and hurt the heart deeply by what I saw and scare to mock my children, it starts day on and will continue, thats why JOB laid out in front of the people for I knew I the Lord was trying to destroy him and to laugh at him and cause his friends to laugh, bob hickman is bring me down, saith the King, but he will die and disappear, and in time, I will do it all over again, fast untill death, cause I dont care, and you are not far away from it, your body shut down, starting now, cause you are so weak, saith Jesus, i'll die, laughing at you bob hickman, for trusting me the LOrd, no said, its hollie, God said, but she wore, its red sweatshirt, buts God hammer, its appears, hollie said, like, ghost hollie, but, white, kind of, thought hollie, more like blue, you the LOrd, Jesus and hollie said, you torture, to ruin, and cause your servants to hate you to make them perish, God said, so I can laugh, tease you saith Jesus, its cause of bobby now I'm exposed, said, JEsus, thats, its the jews laughing, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, showed, time, go, she had light watch, go home, God said, thats hollie bathing, its for service tonight, hollie said, bob, she said, secreatly, steal his crowd God said, heres how, Jesus showed, like uh sneak, tell them the LOrd is here, and can prove it, bob heal the sick, thats bob giving facelifts, its by my power saith the LOrd, bob start with yourself, you will see it, God said, build it up, God, said,

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 7-19-2011-put the ministry of dreams, God said, and appeared, wearing, its uh white robe, hollie said, but, Gods hammer, appeared, its in his place, God and hollie said, like happy, its round, hollie said, face, smiling, but white robe on, and I stamp, hollie said, thats, scene changing, but hollie not seen stamping, bob, its, typepad, she said, watch it, it, will be o.k., hollie said, showed cut it off, o so you wore uh white robe yourself, God said, Jesus said, hollie said, hollie smiles, shakes, yes, put it under, she said, thats, jumpy hollie appearing, face went from golden, to, normal, but like, pink, hey hollie said, coming out, changing to another, herself, looking serious, Jesus showed cut it off, but jumpy hollie comes out, claps, 8-1-2011-whats up man, hollie said, you backslided, God said to her, she looked, worried, but, then, both laugh, you did not, thats Jesus, out of whirlwind, like, its him, she hollie said, he hollie, where were you, God said, but, he wiped his lips, bob made me embarrased, its for, I persecute, saith the Lord, to cause my servants to backslide, torturing them, day and nite, saith Jesus, ruining their face by causing their muscles to tighten when use and deseasing gums, making and causing tooth loss, caressing penus with, electricity, teasing and causing wrath, saith Jesus, insulting, its by what I saw, in visions and offending all day long, saith God, now I need to stop, bob thats you heart, it appeared, hollie said, bob at computer, bob its weaking, soon you will have, stoke Jesus said, but, thats bob in hospital, he, leaves, goes from, hollie looks around, sh, she said, its libe, library, bob, its, thats your friend, calling, tells you, you had uh stroke, wait, you do, hollie said, it appeared, put it under, hollie said, showed, sh,


  1. 8-2-2011-fool, said, its Jesus, hollie said, but, its him, looking around, that, he said, showed, its, ministryoflaughs, right there, God said, it, he appeared, hollie said, bob thats, its, sh she said, bannister, looking at your offer, it will make us both wealthy, he said, Lord heres my chance, he is, not, but like God said, thats bob, being, changed into, its the hammer, but normal hair appeared on, I baptize you in the name of Jesus, said, that, hollie said, pastor at westside, its, Jesus Christ, put it under, hollie said, do it like the word said, God spoke, its ACTS 2:38, just like its written, saith the LOrd,

  2. You didn't even test the spirit,did you?